SWITCH XXL – the excellence of Made in Italy

THE RIM: The made in Italy alloy rim with inner width of 25 mm, tubeless ready with asymmetrical and hookless profile, makes the wheels Noxon Nitro a technologically advanced product for mountain biking.

The inner rim width gives a considerable inscrease of air volume and It allows the tire to not take the characteristic shape of a “drop” and thereby increase the footprint, that increase performance in all those situation in which you need grip and traction.

The asymmetry of the rim section ensure a more uniform tensioning between the drive side and the disc side by increasing the stiffness of the wheel and the ability to always guarantee a perfect centering in time.

The technology of a carbon rim for aluminum rim, the generous section and the hookless profile , without the classic “J” bend guarantee up to 40% higher robustness for wheels that have the advantage of lightness.

THE HUB:”NOXON SWITCH” hubs are entirely produced in Italy using fine machining CNC process and are characterized by high performance and worked aesthetic effect.

 Noxon SWITCH HUBS are extremely light thanks to the weight of just 300 grams for the pair of hubs.

Thanks to a detailed design process and the use of straight pull spokes, Noxon Switch hubs offer high reliability and resistance to stress.

The engagement titanium Gr5 ring, “enduro” bearings oversized and the new decimal preload system   guarantee high level in smoothness performance.

Wheelset includes couple of tubeless valves and tape.

Price 890 €


3-Year Warranty and Crash Replacement service – for more information click HERE 

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Tecnical Features

RIM GEOMETRY: inner rim width 25mm external width 27.5mm height 16mm


Front QR / PP15 /LEFTY                                    Post: QR / 135×12 / 142×12  

Freehub body: 10/11 speed, sram XD 11 speed.

SPOKES: Alpina made in Italy 3 cross lacing



COLOR: black


27.5” wheelset weight 1320 grams

29” wheelset weight 1380 grams