NOXON ENDURO XL – ready for anything

The winning wheels in yours Enduro races.

ENDURO XL aluminium RIM is tubeless ready with  30mm inner width profile for a performance never seen before.
Its generous width gives a considerable increase of air volume. It allows the tire to increase the footprint and provides an improved smoothness on rough surfaces and better grip in all situations.
The bigger footprint of ENDURO XL wheelset increases performance during cornering.
The rim ensures an excellent reliability and resistance that is required for high level enduro riding.

THE NOXON EXTREME HUB are characterized by a high fluency and low friction thanks to the high quality bearings. The oversized hub body provides high strength, reliability and durability.

The Noxon Extreme hubs are available in all standards: front 15mm axle, 15x110mm axle Boost, 20mm axle, Lefty, Lefty 2.0 Supermax; Rear 12x142mm, 12x148mm Boost; Freewheels 10 or 11 speed Shimano and SRAM XD

A pair of Noxon Extreme hubs weigh just 430 grams. They are premium hubs for All Mountain / Enduro bikes.

The pair of wheels is provided with anodized tubeless valves and tubeless rim tape.

Wheelset price 700€

3-Year Warranty and Crash Replacement service – for more information click HERE 

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Tecnichal Features

RIM GEOMETRY: Inner width 30mm external width 34.5 mm height 20 mm

Front QR / PP15 / PP20 / BOOST 110 /  Lefty 2.0 Supermax
Rear QR / 135×12 / 142×12 /      BOOST 148 
Freewheel 10/11 speed, SRAM XD 11 speed

SPOKES : Alpina made in italy  2-1.8-2
MAXIMUM pressure: 3 bar

COLOUR: Black, Green, Blue, White, Orange, Red
27.5” Weight : 1880 grams
29” Weight: 1940 grams