Our products have been tested and developed to offer high reliability and durability.

However, the use in the toughest conditions, such as mud, sand, dust and water make necessary routine maintenance to restore our products, such as wheels and hubs, in order to obtain the best performance.

Tips for routine maintenance.

  • Clean and grease the freewheel every 6 months or 2000 km, remove the adapters (pulling or unscrewing), remove the freewheel body, clean the surface of the pawl / nut and the bearings, apply a small amount of grease to the bearing protection and on the outer surface of the pawl (be careful not to overdo it otherwise this is likely to affect the operation of the spring / pawl) and reassemble everything following our specifications (link exploded hubs).
  • Replace bearings every year or when needed if you have “locking” or “games”. A worn bearing can adversely affect the smoothness and can damage the internal components of the hub because of coaxial movements.
  • Check regularly the balance of the wheel, paying attention both to jump and the heel. Despite our wheels are settled in and double-checked during the production phase, when they are used they suffer multiple stresses which may cause loss of the balance of the wheel in the long run.
  • Check the tightness of tubeless kit: our tapes are tubeless products made to last long and are not subject to deterioration but the frequent changes of tires can cause detachment of the tape and seal leakage of the tubeless system. Repeat taping will help ensure a perfect seal of the tyre, so that you can appreciate the advantages of our wheels in any condition without worries.

Noxon bike provides the kit tubeless.

Noxon Bike is able to provide all the spare parts you need; you can use the contact form to request information.

Noxon Wheels Service

Noxon bike offers a complete maintenance for your wheels, including:

  • Replacing all the hub bearings.
  • Replacing the seals and gaskets.
  • Replacing the Tubeless Tape.
  • Control and precision balance of the wheels.
  • Clean and lubricate.
  • Shipping return of your products by courier.

The cost of complete maintenance Noxon is 110 Euros for a pair of wheels.

For replacement of rays, broken or extremely worn out components, detailed estimates will be made before proceeding.