Our wheels are ASSEMBLED IN ITALY BY CERTIFIED SPECIALISTS to offer maximum quality. Based on the intended use of the wheel we use spokes Made in Italy and anodized or brass Sapim Polyax nipples to achieve lightweight and performance.

Sapim Polyax nipples, due to their refined shape, provide the perfect orientation of the spoke to the hub flanges, favoring unidirectional traction forces.

Our wheels are the culmination of a multitude of tests on materials and suppliers to deliver to our customers a reliable and technologically competitive product.

The wheels are subsequently subject to an adjustment process for two purposes:

  • To eliminate the preliminary unpleasant self-setting during first uses, which can lead to the alignment loss and unevenness in the spoke tension.

  • To increase the spoke tension and guarantee rigidity and efficiency.

The adjustment process procedure is conducted by a hydraulic press with computer controlled pressure. This allows to set at different pressures on the wheel based on the specific wheel diameter and intended use. The adjustment process consists in a Teflon disc pushes the wheel towards the spoke junction; after completing the procedure, the best adjustment is achieved. The production process is terminated with an accurate manual control of the wheel centering and camber. We are able to achieve perfect assembly that guarantees high stiffness and stability with low maintenance intervals.