Our wheels are handmade assembled by specialists in Italy to achieve the highest product quality.

We use Made in Italy Sapim Polyax anodized or brass spokes and nipples, depending on the intended use of the wheel, in order to enhance lightness and functionality.

The Sapim Polyax nipples, thanks to their fine form, ensure a perfect orientation of the spokes towards the hub flanges; this allows for a unidirectional stress on the wheel.

Our wheels are the result of many tests on materials and are manufactured to give our customers a reliable product with high technical characteristics.

The assembly of the wheel is performed by hand and the spokes are tensioned by machine, thus guaranteeing a simultaneous and uniform tensioning of the spokes, free of residual stresses.

The wheels then undergo a substantial adjustment process, resulting in the following:

  • Elimination of the unpleasant initial adjustment during the first releases that may lead to a loss of balance and non-uniform spokes tension.

  • Increased tension of spokes and ensured rigidity, resulting in consistent performance.

The adjustment process carried out at the production stage by a hydraulic press with pressure control allows to change the pressure level depending on the diameter of the wheel and the intended use.

The adjustment process consists of placing the circle on a basic disk, a Teflon disk that stresses the wheel near the intersection of the spokes leaving the hub free to lower under the strain exerted. We therefore obtain an optimal bedding by performing the process on both sides.

The manufacturing process ends with an accurate manual balance control.

This method allows us to obtain a perfect assembly which ensures high rigidity and stability over time and prolong the time between maintenance intervals.