NOXON BIKE is a young, dynamic and growing company, started by two enthusiasts who channeled their passion and experience to form the company’s core values.

We specialize in designing and production state of the art wheelsets for bicycles.

Our team of experts, with the support of carefully selected certified Italian partners, strive to bring to the market products characterized by high quality and reliability, high performance and above all safe.

All products are field tested by experienced athletes and fully quality control, thus guaranteeing safe and reliable items.

Our products are also appreciated by many international athletes, Among who Jhonnatan Botero who raced in Rio at 2016 Olympic Games and won the 5th place in the mountain bike XC race, also thanks to Noxon Nitro Wheels mounted on its Olympic racing KTM bike!

With our racing Teams, we constantly attend race events and keep in touch with enthusiasts: this help us to ensure a dynamic progress towards real market needs.

Our main target is to create the best product for any specific purpose and, most importantly, a dependable and reliable companion to your adventures.

Noxon Bike,

Always a wheel ahead!