Noxon Bike is a company created by the passion of two young bikers, that from the race field pass to the study of the technical and mechanical of Mountain Bike with a view to proposing components for high quality bicycles. Their experience of athletes has led them to understand even more what are the basic needs to improve their products, so we can offer buyers the most demanding high-end items, working every day to improve the products and be one step ahead the now continuous developments in mountain biking world. From our small garage, it grew daily activity Noxon Bike, thanks to the overwhelming success of the products offered in recent years, giving us many satisfactions and stimulating the overall improvement of our company. Our catalogue is the result of the study and analysis of components, from design, through the production, up to a long testing in the most extreme conditions possible to ensure maximum smoothness and reliability of all the details of the mechanics, with the objective of ensuring maximum customer security and increased longevity in any situation. We assemble in Italy a wide range of mountain bike wheels in aluminium and carbon fiber, with NOXON hubs, meeting customers needs and put them at the centre of our priorities. We also offer a carbon fiber 29er frame assembled with our components and we aim to improve the riding and the many athletes that compete the various disciplines of mountain bike with our components, XC, MARATHON, AM and Enduro. Through our business network we want to ensure high quality products and the best customer service, efficient and fast. Try us, we will not disappoint